The Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust (SCGT) precinct is located off Driver Avenue in Moore Park.

This 'Sports Central' precinct is just a few minutes from central Sydney and is home to two of Australia’s iconic sports and entertainment venues - Allianz Stadium and the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The Trust’s administrative offices are located in the Sheridan Building off the MP1 car park (see ‘Site Map’ below). For tours or other general inquiries, visit the Venue Services Office (VSO) near Allianz Stadium Gate A.

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Site Maps

pdf format Sydney Cricket Ground & Allianz Stadium Precinct Map (1.17 MB)

This version is suitable for most public needs, showing the location of parking, gates and stands at both grounds and the office buildings of sports teams based in our precinct.


 pdf format SCG/Allianz Site Map (2.25 MB)

This version is designed for the needs of event contract staff and others who need a detailed index with grid references of all buildings and vehicle access points within the precinct.

Venue Maps


pdf format Sydney Cricket Ground Map (1.06 MB)

pdf format SCG Disability Map (150.43 KB)

pdf format MA Noble, Don Bradman & Dally Messenger Stands Map (939.24 KB)

pdf format MA Noble, Don Bradman and Dally Messenger Stands Food & Beverage Guide (2.75 MB)

 Allianz Stadium

pdf format Allianz Stadium Map (982.15 KB)

pdf format Allianz Stadium Disability Map (111.99 KB)