SCG and Allianz Stadium Curators

They have rolled the pitch a thousand times, clipped the grass with meticulous attention, prepared world-class playing fields, all whilst braving the extremes of Sydney weather.

It is with this dedication that the SCG Trust Curators are regarded as the best in the world.

The SCG Trust proudly boasts a list of long-serving Curators, who together with their loyal staff, are responsible for the preparation of world-class wickets, football fields for AFL, league, union and soccer, and the maintenance of the lawns, gardens and walkways around the venues.


Ned Gregory Approximately 1867 to 1899
Jack Jennings 1899 to September 1911
Bill Stuart November 1911 to 1 January 1940
Wally Gorman 1 January 1940 to 1947
Bill Watt Asst. Curator 1947, appointed Curator April 1951 to 1958
Athol Watkins 1958 – 1984
Peter Leroy 1984 to 1997
Tom Parker 1997 and current Curator, Sydney Cricket Ground

SCG Curator's Cottage

The SCG Curator's Cottage was located behind the Members Pavilion (currently the SCG BBQ area) and was valued at Six Hundred and Sixty Pounds in 1920. Curators at that time lived onsite. Bill Stuart was the last curator to live in the cottage. The Cottage was demolished in 1944.


Peter Leroy 1988 (Stadium opened) to 1997
Michael Finch 1997 and current Curator, Allianz Stadium