SCG Stands

Latest Development

The Sydney Cricket Ground began work on a state-of-the-art modern pavilion, replacing the existing Noble, Bradman and Messenger stands, at the end of the 2011/12 international cricket season. Click here for the latest developments.

Stands History

Since its inception, the SCG Trust has developed the SCG into a respected sacred site of Australian sport.A venue revered by sportsmen and spectators alike, the SCG is easily recognisable by its heritage listed Members Pavilion and Ladies Pavilion.

These two iconic stands have provided a magnificent backdrop to the hundreds of memorable moments, including cricket feats, the 1938 Empire Games, rugby league, rugby union and AFL that have since graced the ground.

While the Trust will maintain the Members Pavilion and Ladies Pavilion for future generations to enjoy, it has replaced other stands as the demands for spectator comfort and modern facilities grow.

The following information was compiled by Madeleine Lindsell with reference to
Phillip Derriman'S "Grassy Pitches and Glory Years"

Stand Date built Location Architect/Builder  Alterations

Old Members’ Pavilion


Site of current Ladies

Robinson & Tosh

 Used as Ladies' Pavilion after 1886 (since demolished)






Current Members’ Pavilion


West side


Extended 1903






Ladies' Pavilion


Sth of Members'

John Kirkpatrick







Smokers' Stand


Sth of Brewongle,

site of Churchill Stand


Moved to No. 2 ground 1909. (since demolished)






Sheridan Stand

(formerly New Smokers' Stand)


South end

Robertson & Marks

Renamed Sheridan in 1910

(since demolished)






Old Brewongle Stand


Sth of Ladies'


Since demolished






New Brewongle Stand


West, site of Old Brewongle Stand

Robertson & Marks







Clive Churchill Stand


Sth of Brewongle, site of Sheridan

Robertson & Marks







Noble Stand

(formerly 'New Members' Pavilion')


North end, site of Northern Stand

Robertson & Marks

Renamed 'Noble' in 1947. Internal reconstruction 1994. Demolished in 2012, except for the clock tower.






Bradman Stand


East of Noble

Robertson & Marks

 Demolished in 2012






O'Reilly Stand

(formerly Pat Hills Stand)


East side, site of Bob Stand


Renamed O'Reilly in June 1988






'Bob' Stand


East side


Moved to North Sydney Oval in 1983






Doug Walters Stand


The Hill, front of Old Scoreboard

Robertson & Marks

Since demolished






Dally Messenger Stand

(formerly Paddington Stand)


North of O'Reilly


 Demolished in 2012






Northern Stand


North of Members'


Since demolished






Victor Trumper Stand


The Hill

Cox Robertson Marks/AW Edwards