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In 1851 Colonel Henry Bloomfield, commander of the 11th North Devonshire regiment, stationed at the Victoria Barracks, applied to the Colonial Secretaries Office to use the sandy, scrubby expanse of land south of the barracks for his soldiers. Granted permission, the soldiers cleared and cultivated 25 acres of the once sandy hills into a military garden and cricket ground.

Born from these endeavours, the SCG became one of the world’s great sports stadia. It owes its unique position and continued relevance to more than 160 years of cultivation and construction. Its development has been led by key individuals who have responded to the needs of the people of NSW for a site where they could congregate for the enjoyment of sport and social activities. 

The SCG Museum is dedicated to collecting, documenting, preserving and displaying the unique sporting and social activities that have occurred on the grounds of the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Sydney Sports Ground and Allianz Stadium since Bloomfield's men commenced cultivating the grounds.

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