First night cricket match at the SCG

November 8, 2017

The first cricket match under lights was apparently a benefit match on a London football ground in 1952. 

In fact, we now know a cricket match was played under lights within the SCG’s precincts long before that. 

The match was between a women’s team representing the City Girls’ Sports Association and a celebrity men’s team, and it was played on November 8, 1930 at the old Sydney Sports Ground, which occupied part of the present site of Allianz Stadium.

At the time, it was certainly believed to be Australia’s first cricket game under lights.

A few days earlier, the Sydney Morning Herald had announced: ‘For the first time in Australia a night cricket match will take place next Saturday.’

The celebrity team included the former Test players Jack Gregory, Arthur Mailey, Tommy Andrews and Charlie Kelleway, but the big attraction was clearly the young Don Bradman (pictured above), who was presented with a silver cup.

The newspaper reported that, while the lighting was ‘not altogether satisfactory’, the large crowd could easily see the white ball.

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