Zedtown comes to the SCG and Allianz Stadium

October 9, 2017

Australia’s biggest zombie apocalypse is coming to the SCG and Allianz Stadium on Saturday, December 9.

‘Zedtown’ is taking over the entire precinct with survivors to fight their way through the horde, battling through dark tunnels, up crowded grandstands, down hidden staircases and across treacherous fields.

When survivors become infected by the zombie virus they’ll turn to the living-dead, and will need to use their knowledge of the 500,000 sqm battle zone to tag the most humans.

It’s been 19 years since the state of emergency was declared and rumours of a last haven have spread like wildfire. On a distant island paradise, the powerful and privileged live in splendour, free from infection and the merciless zombie horde.

Their enigmatic leader, Magnus, has invited all remaining survivors to participate in the first inaugural ‘Blood Games’, with the nerf war to be held at two massive sporting stadiums.

Tickets go on sale from Friday, October 13 via Ticketek. Click here to watch a preview of the match.

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