Member Dress Code

A day in the Members Reserve at the Sydney Cricket Ground, or a night watching football from the Members' Reserve of Allianz Stadium, is always a special event. Suitable and appropriate clothing is a key part of the experience for you, your Guests and other Members.

The minimum requirements for each ground are outlined in the links below. Contemporary standards and common sense are the guiding principles.  In general, we ask for:

  • Neat, smart casual dress at all times.
  • No revealing, unclean, torn or untidy clothing or footwear.
  • Generally, appearance should not be disheveled or unkempt.
  • National dress, where appropriate, is welcomed.

    Members are reminded of their responsibility in ensuring that their own dress and that of their Guests conforms to the standards required. Plan ahead and be organised. If you suspect your clothing doesn’t fit the dress code, chances are that it won’t.

    Members and Guests will be denied admission to Member areas if they do not meet these requirements. Behaviour, conduct and dress will be monitored by staff during events.

    Dress regulations apply to children 15 years and older.