Member Behaviour

Members are responsible for their behaviour and that of their guests whilst attending events at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium. Bad language, offensive remarks, intoxication and / or anti-social behaviour will result in confiscation of the membership card and eviction from the ground. Penalties range from warnings to fines and court attendance notices which, under the Trust By-law, may also result in suspension or cancellation of membership entitlements.

Card Use

SCG and Gold Members should note that Member cards are strictly non transferable. The use of Member cards by anyone other than the Member is prohibited. Breaches of Member card use detected will result in automatic suspension or cancellation of membership.


Members and their guests are requested to show consideration to others by limiting movement in seating areas whilst play is in progress. Standing or sitting in aisles or on stairways is not permitted due to safety regulations.

Mobile phone use is distracting and offensive to Members in seating areas. The Trust asks that Members be considerate of others and limit use to a minimum whilst seated in stands and during play.

We ask for your co-operation in adhering to the regulations listed above to ensure a pleasant experience for all Members at future events. For a copy of the Trust By-law, contact the Membership Department at