SCG XI Core Values

What it means to be an SCG XI Member:

  • An SCG XI Member first and foremost loves the great game of cricket, as a player or spectator, and upholds its finest traditions.
  • An SCG XI Member is committed to the SCG XI becoming one of the world’s great social cricket clubs and to leaving it in great shape for future generations.
  • An SCG XI Member plays competitively but always within the laws of the game and the spirit of cricket.  Games are social by nature but competitive by instinct.
  • An SCG XI Member engages with fellow Members, team mates and opposition with respect, camaraderie and fellowship.
  • An SCG XI Member embraces the opportunity to represent the Sydney Cricket Ground and play on its hallowed turf.
  • An SCG XI Member tours with enthusiasm and pride, domestically and overseas, knowing they are representing the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust.
  • An SCG XI Member is honoured to wear the black and gold of the SCG XI on and off the pitch.
  • An SCG XI Member welcomes new Members and their families. An SCG XI Member participates and supports wholeheartedly SCG XI fixtures, events and gatherings.
  • An SCG XI Member takes on the responsibility of growing the game of cricket by playing matches in remote and unusual parts of the world.
  • An SCG XI Member believes that cricket is much more than just a game.