Testimonials - Allianz Stadium

What they say about the Allianz Stadium....

"It's an unbelievable place, running out there when I played for the Waratahs. I used to love it."
Chris Whitaker, Wallaby, NSW Waratah and honorary Barbarian, Daily Telegraph, June 2009

"The SFS is probably my favourite ground in Australia. I'm looking forward to playing here and getting out there and hopefully getting a win with the Barbarians."
Sonny Bill Williams, former league now french rugby player and honorary Barbarian, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2009

"It was lovely to have a win here at home – first game."
Tim Sheens, Coach Wests Tigers, 2009

"Any day you run out on this Stadium is fantastic. It's a great place to play."
Phil Waugh, Waratahs captain, 2009

"No better place to play Rugby than Aussie Stadium."
Adam Freier, post-match speech, NSW v QLD, April 2007

"Last year I was in the stand at Old Trafford for Manchester United and Liverpool and a few years back it was Leeds taking on Real Madrid. I honestly found them dull compared to what I witnessed on Sunday at Aussie Stadium. For a fan of most sports, it was a great place to be."
Andrew Johns, Sunday Telegraph, March 2007.

"I always dreamt of playing on the big stage and it's great running out on to a packed Aussie Stadium – the feeling is awesome."
Peter Hewat, Waratahs, Sun Herald, April 2006

"What a great venue Aussie Stadium is, and not just because the Broncos have had a lot of success there.... There's something about the old SFS that sets it apart from others. Being purpose-built rugby league ground, it affords everyone a good seat and ensures the players enjoy a tremendous atmosphere."
Shane Webcke, Big League, April 2006

" The atmosphere at the stadium is better than anything I've seen at cricket or at the NRL. It's a great way to watch sport."
Luke Ramsden - Sydney FC Cove supporter, SMH, February 2006

"When you're playing inside Aussie Stadium in a game as big as this, the noise just roars... It will be absolute pandemonium in the Stadium."
Matthew Johns, Channel 9, NRL Final Series, 2005

"40,000 at Aussie Stadium – it felt like it was 100,000"
Peter Sterling, Channel 9, NRL Prelim Final 1, 2005

"Having played State of Origins and Grand Finals at Aussie Stadium, I consider this the best venue to play and watch Rugby League."
Ricky Stuart, former rugby league international and league coach, 2005

"Having played 15 years of first grade football, I regard Aussie Stadium as the best stadium to play football, and such a huge part of the Roosters history."
Luke Ricketson 2005

"It was a fantastic start for Sydney FC and great to be able to train and play at such a professional stadium like Aussie."
Dwight Yorke, Football superstar, 2005

"To play in front of a crowd like that lifts you 20%."
Mark Rudan, Captain Sydney FC, First home game for Sydney FC

"A lot of the game's leading players have said it doesn't feel like finals until they come to Aussie Stadium in September. They say they love playing in the big stadiums in Sydney this time of year because there is a bit of tradition about it."
David Gallop, Sunday Mail, September 2004

"The crowd is right on top of you, you are getting stick from the crowd, you are getting colour from the crowd, it is fantastic,"
Simon Poidevin, former Australian and NSW rugby captain, 2005

"It is a well designed ground and there is always a good atmosphere. I have some good memories from grand final wins with Brisbane. They should play a lot more games there because when you get 40,000, it seems like a lot more."
Wendell Sailor, Sunday Telegraph, August 2004

"Aussie Stadium (SFS) was chosen as the Sydney venue for the Robbie Williams concerts. The venue's central location near to Sydney's CBD, the superior outdoor sound/acoustics quality within the Stadium and the close proximity for patrons to the concert stage, together provide a spectacular concert experience for patrons and performers alike."
Michael Chugg AM, Promoter, 2003