Emergency Management

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust operates an Emergency Management Plan that is compliant with AS3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. The Emergency Management Plan has been developed in close consultation with NSW Police and other relevent stakeholders to allow the Trust and its partners to respond effectively to a broad range of emergencies both inside our venues and in the surrounding areas.

You will recieve instructions on what to do in an emergency upon your arrival on match day via the venue's Public Address system, Video Screens and IPTV screens.

In the event of an emergency on match day:

  • Venue staff and NSW Police will provide direction to patrons on how to respond to an emergency, you may also recieve messages on the venue's Public Address system,  Video screens, IPTV screens and notifications from the SCG & Allianz Stadium App
  • The Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium does not evacuate for all emergencies. In some cases it is safer to remain inside the venue. For this reason all patrons must ensure they follow the directions of Venue Staff and Police
  • If instructed to do so, patrons may be required to leave the area they are in and walk to the nearest emergency exit by following the illuminated exit signage
  • Once you have exited the venue do not attempt to re-enter.


Emergency Alarm System

The Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium operate three audible tones which are intended to have different responses. It is important that you are familiar with the tones and what they mean. Click on the icon to here the emergency tone.

Alert Tone 2

 Stay where you are, be vigilant and await further instructions from the venue or NSW Police.

Evac Tone 1

Evaucate the venue immediately via the nearest emergency exit. Do not re-enter the venue.

Evac Tone 2

 Evacuate the venue immediately via routes from venue staff or NSW Police. Do not re-enter te venue.


Emergency Management for Persons with a Disability

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust has specific procedures for protecting persons with a disability in an emergency. Persons with a disbaility (or their carers) should make themsleves known to the Customer Service Staff member in their seating area upon entry to the venue. Customer Service Staff will be able to provide specific instructions for responding to an emergency in your area. Theses instructions may include information regarding:

  • The nearest accessible emergency exits
  • The location of refuge points for persons with impaired mobility
  • Audio and visual queues to indicate an emergency situation
  • other requirements specific to the persons needs

For more information on the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust's Emergency Management Plan, please contact us.