SCG Field

Playing surface

Length 167m
Width 146.2m
Area 1.86 hectares
Outfield Grass Legend Couch
Pitch Grass Legend Couch
Pitch Soil Bulli
Rise from Southern fence to centre 1%
Rise from Northern fence to centre 0%


Cricket mode

Length of rolled pitch 25m
Width of rolled pitch 3m
Length from wicket to wicket 20.12m
Batting crease 1.22m
Crease width 2.64m
Height of wickets 710mm
Width of wickets 229mm


Australian Rules mode

Distance from goal line to goal line 155.5m
Distance across the field 136m
Distance from boundary to fence 5m
Length of goal box 9m
Width of goal box 6.4m
Radius of goal arc 50m
Diameter of centre circles 3m & 10m
Length of centre square 50m
Distance between centre posts 6.4m
Distance of outside posts 6.4m
Height of goal post 15.0m
Height of behind posts 12.0m