Swans Sample Merivale's SCG Menu

Tuesday, March 22


Ahead of the Sydney Swans’ first home game at the Sydney Cricket Ground this Friday night against Geelong, Merivale put on a unique lunch experience on the hallowed turf of the SCG for all Swans players and coaches.

Following training, the entire Swans list were treated to the new Merivale menu available for Swans members and supporters at the SCG this season – starting on Friday night.

From Queen Chow dumplings and cheese burger spring rolls, fresh prawns and sashimi, to Jimmy’s Falafel wraps, pizza, salad bowls and the new SCG Pie – the players and coaches got to try it all. And they enjoyed every bite.

Merivale’s executive chefs including Dan Hong (Queen Chow), Mike Eggert (Totti’s), Nathan Johnson (Felix), Simon Zalloua (Jimmy’s Wraps) and others were on hand to talk to the players about the food they served … and to have a kick of the Sherrin.

“We thought we would show the Swans boys the food and what fans can expect,” Merivale Executive Chef Mike Eggert said.

“The plan was to get the boys out, show them the food and talk them through it. I think 20 seconds in they had opened every pie and taco!”

Sydney Swans coach John Longmire was impressed the array of dishes on offer.

“It’s been incredible tasting the menu today, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like,” Longmire said.

“I went from table to table and had a go at everything. It’s as good as it gets, absolutely beautiful.”

The Merivale offering at the SCG will cater for all tastes and the chefs have also ensured a footy favourite – the meat pie – was included in the menu. The ‘signature SCG pie’ will no doubt be a favourite with fans and got the tick of approval from Swan Nick Blakey.

“It’s not the footy without a meat pie,” Blakey said.

“Growing up and going to the footy the memories are going to the game with your family and everyone is there with a meat pie. The pie here today definitely takes the cake for the best one!”

Swans co-captain Dane Rampe was also impressed with what he had tasted.

“I really liked the cheeseburger spring rolls, they were something I had never had before and if I was watching the footy from the stands, they are something I would be tucking into,” Rampe said.



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